Hospice Aides and Nursing Assistants: On the Front Lines of Healthcare

When a patient with an advanced illness is ready to start the conversation about hospice, one concern inevitably arises: Where will I receive care? VITAS® Healthcare has over 40 years of experience providing hospice care that focuses on improving quality of life, and we’ve found that most patients fare best where they’re already most at ease: in their home. Choosing Home over Hospital Studies show that more than 70% of people would prefer to die

Why Cultivating Gratitude is a Great Science-Backed Happiness Hack for Seniors

Loneliness among seniors has become an epidemic. Feelings of depression and isolation are also commonly reported among our elders. Here’s some good news: At the University of California they have found that cultivating gratitude can have amazing benefits to a person’s health and well-being. The study showed cultivating gratitude on a regular basis resulted in higher levels of alertness, enthusiasm, determination, optimism and energy. It was also found that the people who practiced gratitude have

When to Seek Additional Help

Alzheimer’s/Dementia is a major illness in the United States. You do not think it will happen to you, and then one day it does. You come home to visit your Mom and she is frantically looking for her car keys. You ask her to back track her steps, and she is unable to do so. The only thing she can tell you is someone took them. She turns to you for help and when your

Three Ways to Help your Favorite Charity and Yourself

For many of us, supporting our favorite charities is an important way of helping others and advancing causes that we believe in. Did you know that there are also many ways you can personally benefit from such acts of generosity? Most important, of course, is the satisfaction you get when helping a charity that is dear to your heart. But your gifts, when planned smartly, can also help you – even financially. Here are just

The Death Clock

For decades researchers have tried to figure out on a global scale why more people die in January than any other month of the year? Known by statisticians as “excess deaths” it appears to have nothing to do with weather. The spike in deaths is as true in tropical areas as it is in the snow shoveling northern parts of the United States. This also eliminates the theory that staying inside because of the cold

teleCalm Helps Stop Problem Calls – The phone service designed for seniors and caregivers

There are so many things to stay on top of as a family caregiver and frequently it feels overwhelming. The telephone is one of those things that can add to your stress and frustration. You want your loved one to stay engaged with family and friends. It is important to keep them connected, to ward off loneliness and isolation. But for many caregivers, dealing with the frequent late-night and repeated calls gets to be too