Why Are Veterans Different Near the End of Life?

Psychological Pain The harsh toll of war includes diseases, disabilities and illnesses that can complicate end-of-life care. Even if a veteran successfully overcomes military trauma, symptoms of depression and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) can arise at the end of life. In addition to physical and psychological conditions, emotional concerns may surface, such as feeling the need to purge themselves of memories by discussing their military experience with others—sometimes for the first time. Navigating Veteran Needs At

Senior Meals Provide Nutrition and Community Support

Cooking for one or even two, presents challenges as we age. It can be difficult to shop and prepare healthy, well-balanced meals on a daily basis. Did you know the Older Americans Act provides grants to State and community senior organizations to help provide a healthy, well-balanced meals for older adults? Through the Community dining and home delivered meal programs, seniors struggling with isolation and loneliness or those who have difficulty buying or preparing meals

Ten Steps to Take Following an Alzheimer’s Diagnosis

There are currently more than 5.7 million Americans, including 220,000 Illinois residents, living with dementia. Without any way to prevent, cure, or even slow down the progression of this disease, these numbers are expected to reach 16 million by 2050. Alzheimer’s is a little more than memory loss. It is a disease that robs a person of their ability to think, function and take care of themselves. Grappling with an Alzheimer’s diagnosis, while dealing with

Social Isolation is a Health Risk in the Senior Population

John is 82 years old and lives alone in his suburban home. He no longer drives and finds it increasingly difficult to get around due to severe arthritis. John’s daughter visits once a week to take him shopping.  Although he appreciates his daughter’s visits, John feels lonely and would like to get out to see his friends at the VFW hall. He doesn’t like spending so much time alone. This is just one snapshot of

Communicating with Seniors with Memory Loss

As memory loss progresses into the middle and later stages, communication can become difficult because of an array of challenges and changes within the brain. According to Natalie McFarland, BSN, RN and Dementia Educator at Terra Vista of Oakbrook Terrace, this doesn’t mean communication stops, it simply means it becomes more important to adapt and change the way we communicate with one another. “When communicating with someone with dementia, it’s important to remember they are

A Social and Support Group for Widowed People of All Ages “The Original WOW”

WOW (Widows or Widowers) was founded by Dolores Bonfield Cortis in May, 1975.  Dolores was widowed at the young age of 38. She joined Parents Without Partners in the area where she resided. The group was made up of recently divorced people. Being a grieving widow with young children who also were dealing with their sorrow, is not the same as a divorced parent. Through Parents without Partners, she met other newly widowed men and