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Do you need guidance with an aging loved one and care decisions? Do you have a Grab and Go binder? Often, caregiving falls on the shoulders of the family members. In time, compassion fatigue is likely to occur because of the overwhelming responsibilities of caring for an aging loved one. Family caregivers are burned out, worried about losing their jobs, experience strained relationships with their spouses, siblings, and the aging parent, and are physically and

5 Caregiving Resolutions for 2018

As a busy caregiver, it can be all too easy to let your own well-being take a backseat to your loved one’s needs. Here are five caregiving resolutions I encourage you to adopt – and keep – in 2018 and beyond: 1. I will ask for help. Caregiver burnout is real. When you find yourself overwhelmed, sad or isolated, ask family members to cover for you while you run errands, meet a friend for lunch

Summer Intergenerational Fun

Summer days bring out the child in each of us. Whether you are young or old, or somewhere in-between, the hot days of summer can be filled with laughter, play and happy times together. Not sure what to do while you are outside? Here is a list of low-cost outdoor activities to enjoy with friends, neighbors and family members of all ages. While you are out in the summer sun, make sure all participants wear

Creating Memories: Intergenerational

We all have favorite childhood memories. I happen to have many great memories of spending time with my grandparents. I was fortunate enough to live walking distance from both sets of grandparents. During school years, my sisters and I would go to one or the other grandparents’ homes for lunch each day. My younger sister loved Mac n Cheese; she would request it every week from both grandmothers. They would get creative in preparing it,

Baby Boomer vs. Millennial: Apparently we’re both forgetful.

Memory loss isn’t only for those with gray hair and wrinkles. Your grandchildren are at risk for “digital dementia”. Studies are showing that multitasking, stress, lack of sleep and 24/7 technology are causing short-term memory issues; “forgetfulness” in millennials and young adults. The Trending Machine National Poll found that millennials (aged 18-34) are more forgetful than seniors (aged 55 or older). Millennials were more likely to forget what day it is, where they put their

Parenting the Second Time Around

My friend Mary and her new husband were on their honeymoon when social services called to tell her that her infant granddaughter needed immediate placement, unless “grandma was willing to step up, the child would be placed in foster care”. That was 10 years ago, they are all doing well, but life changed overnight for this newly married couple who thought they would retire in a few years. Life is what happens when you are