Can Advanced Care Planning Help Everyone?

I’m sure that you’re asking how can any ONE thing help everyone? In this age where there are a multitude of different solutions for everyone, it’s hard to think that everyone taking the same action would be good. Well, let’s suppose that you were so hurt or ill that you couldn’t speak. What would your loved ones do? How would they know what treatment options and medical decisions to make for you? For that matter

Advance Directives: New Year, New Chance to Plan

Here’s a New Year’s resolution that puts you in control and takes a huge responsibility off your loved ones’ shoulders: Talk to your family about your end-of-life wishes Document your decisions in an advance directive, also known as a living will. Get them to think about, talk about and document their own wishes for the end of their lives.   Illness and death are not easy to discuss, but taking the initiative today means others

Conversations That Count

Throughout the years that I have been in healthcare I have learned many things by observing the families that I am serving.  One of the most important lessons that I have learned is to have conversations that count before a crisis.  I have tried to live that out.  I vividly remember at the age of 30 before I had my first child completing my advanced directives.  Having children made certain things real for me. I

Advance Medical Directives

  Advance directives are written instructions relating to medical care for an incapacitated person.  Estate planning is not just about planning for after death; it is also about planning for who will make medical and financial decisions in the event of incapacity and explaining a person’s end of life wishes.   A medical power of attorney is signed to appoint an “agent” to make health care decisions in the event that a person is unable to

Share your wishes in 2015

Share your “wishes” in 2015 After the often hectic buzz and planning of the holidays, we need a little time toregroup, reflect and set new resolutions come January. Maybe youʼve plannedthe holidays, the gifts, the decorations and who gets the guest bedroom. Now itʼstime to think about you.Do your loved ones know how youʼd want to be cared for if you couldnʼt advocatefor yourself due to a serious illness or injury? Do they know if

Why you need to Execute Durable Power of Attorney Documents

A Guardianship… To Help Our Loved Ones All of us have family or friends who need assistance, whether financially, physically or, in the case of this article, mentally. In caring for our loved ones, it is important to know some legal guidelines to best serve them. When a person loses the ability to think clearly, it affects his or her ability to participate in meaningful decision-making. If that individual is unable to make rational, clear-headed