Nursing Home Planning. How do you achieve peace in the midst of uncertainty?

Are you worried about the impact of a Nursing Home stay on you or a spouse? You are not alone! The majority of older adults worry about this possibility. Consider the following: • How will I pay for Nursing Home Care?  Medicare coverage is available in many cases but is limited in payment duration.  Long Term Care insurance can do wonders in protecting our assets and may even increase your chances of gaining

Why Not Add Your Child to Your Bank Accounts?

Clients frequently tell me they want to add a child as a joint owner on their accounts and assets for “convenience”. There are numerous reasons why this should not be done, and why it is probably the most inconvenient thing that you can do. The biggest reasons people want to do it are to avoid inheritance tax, and the money will transfer automatically to the child, and not get frozen, upon the parent’s death. Although

Avoid the Five Common Mistakes of Estate Planning

When – or if – people prepare for their death or disability, they often are unaware of the five common mistakes people generally make. A well-written estate plan helps you avoid those five mistakes. What are they? Mistake 1. Loss of control. Surprisingly, disability is more likely in the short term than death, so you also need to address what happens if you become disabled and cannot make medical or financial decisions. Do not assume

Choosing a Post- Acute Facility: Transitional Rehabilitation or Skilled Nursing?

Health Care is changing and so are the options for care and rehabilitation following an accident, injury or illness.  The new Transitional Rehabilitation model is driving trends in post-acute care and providing a better recovery experience for patients. New Transitional Trend #1: providing short term care without providing Long Term Care. New Transitional Trend #2: providing care and rehabilitation in a comfortable setting with a hospitality focus. New Transitional Trend #3: providing high intensity therapy

What is Elder Law and What Does an Elder Law Attorney Do

           An Elder Law Attorney’s practice generally encompasses all aspects of planning, counseling, educating, and advocating for the senior or disabled client. Rather than being defined by technical legal distinctions, an Elder Law Attorney is defined by the client to be served. In other words, when an Elder Law Attorney practices Elder Law, we handle a wide range of issues but have a specific type of client – seniors, incapacitated adults,

Peace of Mind: Noun, the Absence of Mental Stress or Anxiety

Wouldn’t it be great to live with real peace of mind?  I mean the kind of peace that lets you sleep at night knowing that you have taken care of the important people and things in your life.  The uncertainties around us are many:  economic weakness, global unrest, changing laws and even differing opinions from so-called “experts” about all of those topics!  How can we achieve peace of mind in times like these? The truth