Conflict & Family Caregivers – What You Need to Know

Conflict is a normal, natural part of everyone’s life. Factors that can exacerbate conflict include the well-known things to avoid in polite conversation: religion, politics and money. For families, these big three topics quickly trigger emotions that can be difficult to defuse and when things go awry the aftermath can be felt for decades. According to a May 2018 AARP article “Millennials: The Emerging Generation of Family Caregivers,” there are 40 million family caregivers in

Why Not Add Your Child to Your Bank Accounts?

Clients frequently tell me they want to add a child as a joint owner on their accounts and assets for “convenience”. There are numerous reasons why this should not be done, and why it is probably the most inconvenient thing that you can do. The biggest reasons people want to do it are to avoid inheritance tax, and the money will transfer automatically to the child, and not get frozen, upon the parent’s death. Although

Is a Will Necessary?

“Is a Will really necessary?  I have everything in joint tenancy with my spouse so I really don’t think I need a Will.” This is a common yet misguided thought among many individuals.  Yes, it is necessary to have a Will.  In this day of fast paced travel who knows if both you and your spouse will die in an accident.  Do you really want the legislators to designate where your assets go and who

Joint Tenancy – Is It Good For You

          Joint tenancy is a method of owning real or personal property in the name of two or more people.  The effect of joint tenancy ownership is that the individuals own the property as a whole, which means that when one of the owners die, the property passes to the other owner(s) as their sole property.           One of the positive attributes of joint tenancy ownership then it avoids probate which eliminates the need for