5 Easy and Affordable Accessibility Solutions

Want to stay in your own home? Do you cherish your memories? Are your family and friends close by? Do you like being on your own schedule? #1 Make an Entryway Accessible Install a modular ramp for entry to front, back, or side door. This will eliminate stairs for individuals who have mobility challenges or use a wheelchair a scooter. A modular ramp can be assembled in one day, is removable and reusable, fireproof, slip

Your Brain and Hearing Loss

Hearing loss – the subject can invoke a wide spectrum of reactions. From “selective hearing” jokes to a real burden on relationships, working in the Hearing Healthcare field exposes you to them all. But how serious is hearing loss and how important is the need to treat it? There is more and more research being done in this area, and the results are coming in. The results show a direct link between hearing health and

You Have Choices…

When it comes to hearing loss, most people think the only choice they have is to spend thousands of dollars on hearing aids, but that’s not true – you DO have choices. Did you know that by age 65, one out of every three of your friends will be living with a notable level of hearing loss? Statistics show 75% of those living with mild to moderate hearing loss will never see an Audiologist, but

Gain Your Confidence Using CapTel Phone!

“This technology is amazing – we can actually have a conversation with mom now instead of her running it and us only being able to say ‘yes’ or ‘no.’ It’s crazy, she’s a 73 year old woman and she has called everyone now.” – A. Costa A captioned telephone service for people with hearing loss called CapTel® allows individuals who aren’t able to follow conversations with traditional or amplified telephones to hear and read simultaneously

Shapes, Sizes, and Accessories of Acrylic Showers

So you’ve decided that Acrylic is the right material for your shower. That’s a great start. Now it’s time to take it to the next step, and bring the idea of a brand new shower to life. Regardless of your budget, bathroom size, or layout, there are options out there for you to upgrade or enhance the look and functionality of your bathroom. Here you will find different shower shapes, shower doors, and shower accessories,

Struggling with Sleep Apnea?

Are you or a loved one struggling with a CPAP to treat obstructive sleep apnea? The sad truth is that many people who have had CPAP therapy prescribed to treat their obstructive sleep apnea are unable or unwilling to wear their CPAP every night for their entire length of sleep. While some patients are very compliant and use their CPAP faithfully every night as prescribed, there is research that suggests that non-tolerance/non-compliance with CPAP is