Complete and Total Relaxation

Bonita Springs keeps getting better and better! As a part of this blossoming community, we now have a brand-new wellness facility at the corner of Bonita Beach Road and 41. In the wake of hurricane Irma Paradise Wellness & Event Center began to emerge in this area with a mission to encourage enhance and empower the community. Today, they have manifested into one of the most incredible healing spaces this country has to offer. The

Livin’ The Dream, No Matter What Age

Eighty-three year-old Iola Wagner felt a mixture of both excitement and nerves as she entered the auditorium of the Elizabeth Stewart Treehouse Museum in Ogden, Utah. This was a moment she’d spent weeks preparing for, and a day she’d long been awaiting. When it finally came time for her to take the stage, Iola sat down, took a deep breath and began reading aloud. This wasn’t the first time Iola had taken this stage. In

Neighborhood House Adult Day Services: An Engaging Community Experience

Neighborhood House Adult Day Services are open Monday – Friday, 7:30 AM- 5:30 PM, and centers are located near downtown Salt Lake and Cottonwood Heights. Neighborhood House enriches, empowers and educates children and adults through quality affordable day care and support services. A sliding fee scale based on families’ ability to pay and door-to-door transportation service offer convenience and affordability for family caregivers. Programming focuses on the specific needs of aging and/or disabled adults. Engaging

Adult Day Services Keeps Seniors Independent Longer

Adult Day Center services may be the perfect fit for you and your loved one if you are identifying that additional care is needed as independence inevitably declines. They offer necessary supervision during the day with the participant returning home, where they feel most comfortable, at the end of the day. Adult Day Centers provide meaningful activities, an opportunity for socialization amongst peers, medication management, meals, necessary support and supervision. These services empower older adults

How the Inter-Generational Campus Will Change Senior Housing

There are many changes in the realm of senior care, everything from improved rehabilitation equipment, remote-monitoring or telehealth equipment and so much more. One of the changes that has been highlighted recently is how inter-generational exchanges can have a positive effect in the senior care sector – for everyone involved! As reported in McKnight’s Senior Living in January 29th, 2018, “[m]any senior living communities are welcoming students of all ages – some as temporary residents

Four Facts About Personal Care Communities

Don’t wait until an emergency arises to discuss your future care plans. As you continue to age, your level of care increases. And, just because you’re aging doesn’t mean you should compromise your independence. Personal care communities are revolutionizing the quality of care to shed pesky stereotypes. Before brushing off the idea of moving to a senior living community, consider what you don’t know about them: Personal care communities and nursing homes are NOT the