Complete and Total Relaxation

Bonita Springs keeps getting better and better! As a part of this blossoming community, we now have a brand-new wellness facility at the corner of Bonita Beach Road and 41. In the wake of hurricane Irma Paradise Wellness & Event Center began to emerge in this area with a mission to encourage enhance and empower the community. Today, they have manifested into one of the most incredible healing spaces this country has to offer. The

Is it safe? When to Use Complementary or Integrative Products and Practices

An entire branch of the National Institutes of Health is dedicated to complementary and integrative health. This field offers treatments and therapies that do not require surgery or medication, allowing a more holistic and gentler approach. Many are quite effective, and for certain people they can be more effective without the side effects of more traditional treatments. The National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health, abbreviated as NCCIH has great resources. Their main website is

What Are You Doing For Your Stress?

Oh we’ve all heard it, STRESS can kill. It can also create or contribute to health concerns everything from high blood pressure, digestive issues, migraines, skin irritations, depression, weight, sleep disorders, food and environmental allergies, and much more.  Some stress can be good stress: weddings, birthdays, new jobs.   Things we think of as bad stress: family conflict, pressure at work, dealing with family addictions, and health concerns. So what do you do about it?  Some

Why Would You Want to Learn to Tap?

Traumas and events can create illness.  How can that be? When we become distressed we can constrict good blood flow, we may choose to lie in bed, not eat nutritionally and the end result is poor health mentally as well as physically. What can we do about it?  In the last edition I mentioned some general techniques such as meditation, yoga, exercise, as well as Tapping or EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique).  This remarkable technique has

Tai Chi & Qigong for Health, Fitness & Well-Being

   “Qigong (pronounced Chee Gung) and Tai Chi are internal Chinese meditative practices which use slow gentle movements and controlled breathing techniques that strengthen the mind-body connection, reduce stress, promote serenity and improve circulation thereby enhancing the practitioner’s overall health.” — Dr. Roger Jahnke, OMD Qigong – which means Energy Cultivation – is a restorative exercise which involves gentle movement/stretching, breathing, self-massage and meditation.  Sometimes called Dao Yin Yoga, the exercise helps to improve the

News Flash: Your Doctor Will Now See You… In the Comfort of Your Home!

Many people yearn for the days of yore when their personal physicians used to pay them a home visit when they became ill. Some, even including doctors, still remember this era as the “golden age” of medicine. Since then, times have changed and care has become fragmented, impersonal and uninspired… until now. After personally seeing challenges that their patients and also their loved ones have encountered, two physicians Dr. Bob Rahmanian and Dr. Jim Liu