How to Keep Your Spine Healthy

It is not uncommon to experience increased aches, pains and joint stiffness as we age. hen it comes to the spine, some decline in function and flexibility may be expected. Here’s what you should know about what happens to your spine as you age, and ways to help prevent back pain and injuries. Common spinal conditions in older adults may manifest themselves in symptoms such as early morning back pain, leg pain when standing and walking, loss of

How Can a Rehabilitation Hospital Help You and Your Family?

Deciding on care for a loved one with serious medical conditions can be confusing. In south central Pennsylvania, rehabilitation hospitals offer patients opportunities to move toward wellness and independence. An inpatient rehabilitation hospital provides physical medicine as well as rehabilitation programs and services. These hospitals offer advanced treatment tailored to each patient’s goals. Patients who may benefit from this type of care include those with some of the following conditions: • Fractures, joint replacements, musculoskeletal

How Can Select Specialty Hospital Help?

An Intensive Care Unit [ICU] stabilizes patients; however, the next step is just as critical to recovery. Individuals with medically complex conditions may be ready to leave the ICU, but still require advanced monitoring, rehabilitation and time to heal. That’s where Select Specialty Hospital – Camp Hill can help. Select Specialty Hospital – Camp Hill is a critical illness recovery hospital. Licensed as a long-term acute care hospital (LTAC), it specializes in the medical and

Advancements in Neck Surgery

Neck pain and associated arm pain secondary to pinched nerves in the cervical spine are common complaints many patients will experience. Fortunately, numerous conservative and non-operative options exist for these ailments: anti-inflammatory medications, physical therapy, chiropractic care, and spinal epidural injections. If these options fail to provide adequate relief or if symptoms progress, surgery can be considered. Traditionally, cervical surgery involves two major steps: (1) removing the offending disc that is pinching the nerve and

Consider All Options for your Back, Neck and Sciatica Pain

Vax-D is The Gentle Alternate Therapy  (Non-Surgical) – Your Best Solution   Back Pain has become a chronic problem for 80\% of Americans at some point in their lives. Often times these problems are due to excessive physical strain on the body, being overweight and a result of getting older. As life happens we tend to let these problems linger and that is when they get worse. Many people allow it to get so bad

Advanced Treatment for Back Pain Sufferers

Decades ago, if you had back pain, the possibility existed that you would have to have surgery. That in itself is frightening. Today, seniors, technology is on the verge of reducing the need for surgery and increasing the quality of life. You have probably associated with many different types of treatment for back pain. Sometimes you would take a pill or maybe have a massage or even go to the chiropractor. There is a good