How Can Select Specialty Hospital Help?

An Intensive Care Unit [ICU] stabilizes patients; however, the next step is just as critical to recovery. Individuals with medically complex conditions may be ready to leave the ICU, but still require advanced monitoring, rehabilitation and time to heal. That’s where Select Specialty Hospital – Camp Hill can help. Select Specialty Hospital – Camp Hill is a critical illness recovery hospital. Licensed as a long-term acute care hospital (LTAC), it specializes in the medical and

A Long-Term Acute Care Hospital (LTACH) Can Help Your Family!

When someone in your family is sick, your only concern is finding the best care for them! When you need a hospital that can give specialized, advanced care you may need a step above an ordinary hospital. A Long Term Acute Care Hospital (LTACH) is a hospital that offers specialized medical, nursing and rehabilitation services for patients who need more advanced care for recovery. Patients in an LTACH typically have a chronic or medically complex

Kidney Disease: Seniors At Risk

 Chances are you or someone you know is at risk for kidney disease— a disease that strikes one in six Americans and can start with no warning signs. Seniors over the age of 60 are at an even greater risk for kidney disease, which is why it is important you know how to get tested and what steps you can take to take to combat this chronic disease.  “Kidneys filter your blood, removing wastes, excess

Reuse Dialyzers and Single Use Dialyzers:What Every Patient Should Know

 Dialysis is the process of filtering waste from a patient’s body when the kidneys no longer function. A dialyzer, also considered an artificial kidney, is the tool that helps filter waste from a patient’s blood. When dialysis providers use the same dialyzer multiple times on the same patient, the process is called reuse. Reuse is considered a controversial practice in nephrology and many providers choose single use dialyzers for their patients. Dialyzer reprocessing, when done