How the Inter-Generational Campus Will Change Senior Housing

There are many changes in the realm of senior care, everything from improved rehabilitation equipment, remote-monitoring or telehealth equipment and so much more. One of the changes that has been highlighted recently is how inter-generational exchanges can have a positive effect in the senior care sector – for everyone involved! As reported in McKnight’s Senior Living in January 29th, 2018, “[m]any senior living communities are welcoming students of all ages – some as temporary residents

Revolving Door Retirement; How to Cope with a Return to Work in Your Golden Years

The Aging Workforce The percentage of persons aged 65 and older in the workforce has steadily increased over the past decade. In 2005, employees over 65 years of age accounted for 14.5% of the workforce; at the beginning of 2015, older adults made up 19% of the workforce. Recession-eaten nest eggs and increasing health care costs may be driving many older workers to delay retirement. But for already retired adults who find they need to