Geriatric Behavioral Health – Help is Readily Available

Did you know that a Senior Citizen’s mental, or behavioral, health has positive or negative effects on their physical health? Whether its pain issues, cardiovascular health or some other medical conditions, maintaining good behavioral health can significantly improve recovery time from illness and continued well-being. Just as specific treatments are given for physical injury, specific mental health programs are designed for seniors; it’s important to get the appropriate type of treatment for geriatric behavioral health.

When We Should Stop Using the Word “Still”

“My uncle is 83 and still drives.” “My grandma is 90 and still goes out dancing.” “My step-father is approaching 74 and still runs a mile each day.” Do you see anything wrong with the language above? It’s the word “still.” For many of us, using “still” this way in a sentence is automatic. We don’t even think about it. It’s like when you pass someone you know on the street and robotically say “Hi,

What is a Geriatric Assessment and Care Plan?

A geriatric assessment is a multidimensional assessment which is designed to evaluate an individual’s or couple’s current functional ability, physical health, cognition and mental health, social environment, legal, financial status and environmental safety.  Information is gathered from the individuals themselves and may be solicited from family and other key members in the person’s life. The goals of the assessment are to maintain, improve, and enhance those areas which can be affected, and to minimize risk

Satisfying an Increasing Critical Need of the Aging Family: Geriatric Care Management

Today more than ever, families find themselves caring for aging loved ones, known today as the aging family. Many of these aging families are overwhelmed with trying to manage the care of an aging loved one along with duties in their own lives, work and family.  In their attempt to manage the care of aging loved ones, stress, anxiety and feeling of being overwhelmed can all lead to “caregiver burnout”, pre-mature placements or re-hospitalizations of

Not Just Grownups Who Have Stayed Awhile

“Kids are not just little adults!” If you work with a pediatrician for any length of time, you’re sure to hear them say something like this. Because childhood is the only time in life that you’re growing and developing, medical care in pediatrics is very different from other areas. Pediatricians are familiar with all of the special wrinkles in medical care for kids, and they have a tremendous “bag of tricks”, as any parent can

Senior Resources Now Available Through NCH Brookdale Geriatric Center

The Brookdale Geriatric Center is a new service line of the NCH Healthcare System helping seniors live a longer, happier, healthier life. The Brookdale Geriatric Center is a network of services inclusive special geriatric hospital programming and community based services. Examples include geriatric bedside consultations, Hospital Elder Life Program, patient family centered care & dementia/delirium specialists. The outpatient geriatric clinic will be open within the next year. Through the clinic patients will have an opportunity