How the Inter-Generational Campus Will Change Senior Housing

There are many changes in the realm of senior care, everything from improved rehabilitation equipment, remote-monitoring or telehealth equipment and so much more. One of the changes that has been highlighted recently is how inter-generational exchanges can have a positive effect in the senior care sector – for everyone involved! As reported in McKnight’s Senior Living in January 29th, 2018, “[m]any senior living communities are welcoming students of all ages – some as temporary residents

Four Facts About Personal Care Communities

Don’t wait until an emergency arises to discuss your future care plans. As you continue to age, your level of care increases. And, just because you’re aging doesn’t mean you should compromise your independence. Personal care communities are revolutionizing the quality of care to shed pesky stereotypes. Before brushing off the idea of moving to a senior living community, consider what you don’t know about them: Personal care communities and nursing homes are NOT the

We’ve Started a Little Spreadsheet…

We regularly sit down in our sales office with individuals who get right to the point: “We are visiting many communities, and we’ve started a spreadsheet to compare them objectively.” Honestly, we love this approach… even if it is all wrong in the end. We love the spreadsheet because when the time comes to tally up the score, our village will have more boxes checked than most communities in any price range. If you are

Your Brain: Top Ten Things You Need to Know

Taking care of your brain is just as important as taking care of your body. Below are the top ten things you should know about brain health as you age. Use it or lose it. Exercising your brain is key to maintaining its functioning. Do things that are new and challenging to best work your brain. You can grow new brain cells. This is scientifically proven for brains of all ages. Exercise, nutrition, and mental

Choices & Adventures Go Hand-in-Hand!

Many retirement communities offer a continuum of care services to meet the varying needs of their residents. From maintenance, medications, meals, and more, there are many ways that communities serve their populations. But although services and amenities help us quantify the value of a retirement community – residents most often choose a community based on the way they feel about it. This is often how we imagine that we will fit in with, and relate

When We Should Stop Using the Word “Still”

“My uncle is 83 and still drives.” “My grandma is 90 and still goes out dancing.” “My step-father is approaching 74 and still runs a mile each day.” Do you see anything wrong with the language above? It’s the word “still.” For many of us, using “still” this way in a sentence is automatic. We don’t even think about it. It’s like when you pass someone you know on the street and robotically say “Hi,