Resource For All Aging-Related Needs

We rang in the New Year, champagne in hand and eased into the process of “getting back into the routine”. For many, the holidays included travel and seeing family and friends. When visiting with aging parents or older relatives, maybe you noticed they became a little more forgetful or perhaps you noticed a pile of neglected mail on the counter. Maybe close family members were called by the wrong name or were disregarded altogether. The

Adult Day Services Keeps Seniors Independent Longer

Adult Day Center services may be the perfect fit for you and your loved one if you are identifying that additional care is needed as independence inevitably declines. They offer necessary supervision during the day with the participant returning home, where they feel most comfortable, at the end of the day. Adult Day Centers provide meaningful activities, an opportunity for socialization amongst peers, medication management, meals, necessary support and supervision. These services empower older adults

How the Inter-Generational Campus Will Change Senior Housing

There are many changes in the realm of senior care, everything from improved rehabilitation equipment, remote-monitoring or telehealth equipment and so much more. One of the changes that has been highlighted recently is how inter-generational exchanges can have a positive effect in the senior care sector – for everyone involved! As reported in McKnight’s Senior Living in January 29th, 2018, “[m]any senior living communities are welcoming students of all ages – some as temporary residents

Your Brain: Top Ten Things You Need to Know

Taking care of your brain is just as important as taking care of your body. Below are the top ten things you should know about brain health as you age. Use it or lose it. Exercising your brain is key to maintaining its functioning. Do things that are new and challenging to best work your brain. You can grow new brain cells. This is scientifically proven for brains of all ages. Exercise, nutrition, and mental

Food and Mood

Exploring the relationship between what you eat and how you feel can have a huge impact on your health. Forgetting the importance of nourishing your body with nutrient-dense foods can alter your brain chemistry and lead to a host of mood-related issues, such as depression, anxiety, brain fog and zapped energy levels. Improving your diet can help give you positive feelings, clearer thinking, more energy and a calmer mood – something I am sure we

When We Should Stop Using the Word “Still”

“My uncle is 83 and still drives.” “My grandma is 90 and still goes out dancing.” “My step-father is approaching 74 and still runs a mile each day.” Do you see anything wrong with the language above? It’s the word “still.” For many of us, using “still” this way in a sentence is automatic. We don’t even think about it. It’s like when you pass someone you know on the street and robotically say “Hi,