Woman Finds Relief from Spinal Fracture with Balloon Kyphoplasty

               Rosemary Danisi, a 79-year-old retired public school administrative secretary of Fresno, CA was diagnosed with osteoporosis approximately four years ago. She began experiencing back pain in September 2010 and after a month of trying pain meds and physical therapy, she received an MRI that revealed a spinal fracture. “I never experienced such pain,” Rosemary recalls. She was referred to Dr. Rasheed Amireh, an interventional pain management doctor at Summit Surgical who performs a procedure

Orthopedic Surgery

 Sooner or later, seniors face the possibility of seeking medical treatment for orthopedic ailments. The good news is orthopedic degeneration is usually a slow process.  For most people, there is not a window of time that quickly closes to be eligible for surgery so other options to surgery are often available to help.  There are many things that can be done, short of surgery, to alleviate pain and increase function such as: moist heat, cold