SAINT ALPHONSUS MAKING A CRITICAL DIFFERENCE FOR SENIORS In response to the needs of an aging population, Saint Alphonsus Health System opened Senior ER’s™ this past year within all their emergency departments in Boise, Eagle, Nampa (2 locations), Ontario and Baker City. “Saint Alphonsus emergency staff are highly skilled and trained to provide the most advanced medical care for patients of all ages,” said Sally Jeffcoat, President and CEO, Saint Alphonsus Health System. “As part

Urgent Care vs. Emergency Room

In recent years, urgent care centers have been developed to care for your non-life threatening acute illnesses and injuries.  Urgent care sees patients on a walk in (first come – first serve basis) and are also open in the evening and on weekends.  According to the Urgent Care Association of America: “Urgent care provides many health care services in a very cost effective and efficient way – 84\% of patients wait less than 45 minutes

Urgent Care-A Convenient Alternative to Your Primary Care Physician and the ER

It’s ten o’clock Tuesday morning. You don’t feel well and you haven’t felt well for the past three days, yet you’ve put off making an appointment with your doctor. You finally call your doctor’s office, but they can’t get you in until Thursday. So what do you do? You can wait and feel miserable for another two days, you can go to the ER, or you can visit an urgent care clinic. What is Urgent