Fight Identity Theft and Fraud

Every two seconds in this country, someone’s identity is being stolen. Crooks often combine sophisticated technology with age-old tricks to get people to send money or give out personal information. Knowing popular scams, and following expert advice, can help individuals stay safe from identity thieves and other fraudsters. The AARP Fraud Watch Network helps by tracking some of the scams. The Fraud Watch Network monitors a common fraud that involves scammers approaching victims and pretending

Economic Crimes on Elderly

As the economy continues to decline, more people will become desperate.  And desperate people will do desperate things.  It will come as no surprise to those of us providing care to the elderly that we will probably see an increase in economic exploitation of elderly clients receiving services. These clients may be home health or in some type of group or assisted living.The perpetrators are going to be difficult to detect.  They may be a