ALPHA’s Urgent Mission – and we Need YOU!

Do you know a senior that needs some support? Perhaps they would do better with assisted housing such as a Personal Care Home or Assisted Living? Perhaps they would, but perhaps the monthly cost of a Personal Care Home exceeds $3,400 per month and is out of their reach? In York County, more than 17% of York County residents age 65 or older have a monthly income of less than $1500. We certainly have a

St. Joseph Villa Foundation for Charity Care

Imagine being hard of hearing and trying to make do with someone else’s hearing aid – having only one, not two for both ears. If you reside in a care facility and use all of your funds to pay for your care, what would you do? Imagine needing to move to an assisted living, having limited savings and being just $200 a month shy of being able to pay privately, what would you do? These

Meet the Haskells, Philanthropists Extraordinaire!

Sometimes, you meet people who seem to have gone through life with everything mapped out for them; as if all they had to do was show up and glide through it. They seem to personify an enviable composure and camaraderie, not only rare but compelling. Perhaps this is the best way to begin to describe philanthropists extraordinaire Frank and Betty Haskell. As newly minted residents at Cypress Cove, the continuing care retirement community (CCRC) at