Round-the-Clock Hospice Care Keeps Patients and Families at Home — and out of the Hospital

Seniors have more housing options than ever, from the booming tiny house market to roommates and retirement communities. Senior living communities, however, remain a popular choice. Family members who provide hospice care to a loved one at home can experience emotions and encounters that range from immensely satisfying to intensely scary. When a hospice patient takes a turn for the worse at home—struggles to breathe, experiences sudden pain, loses consciousness, becomes agitated, or battles chronic

Hearing Loss Is Not a Harmless Condition

You should ask your doctor today; is my hearing OK? Recent medical research and studies are showing that untreated hearing loss is linked to numerous other serious medical conditions. The link getting the most attention is the relationship of untreated hearing loss and early onsets of dementia and Alzheimer’s. The Johns Hopkins study found older adults with hearing deficits were significantly more likely than those with normal hearing to develop problems with memory and thinking.

Dementia-Friendly Communities

Building dementia friendly communities in Illinois holds significant importance to the families and persons living with dementia. It is estimated that 220,000 people in Illinois have dementia due to Alzheimer’s disease and by 2025 the number will increase by 18% to 260,000 people. Too often, people living with dementia and their caregivers feel alone, isolated and unable to participate or engage in activities they have always loved. Dementia friendly communities have committed to working with

Case Managers Provide Advocacy for Their Patients & Families

A patient is seen by her physician every month; she complains of weight loss and confusion. She is given referrals to specialists and told to follow up. Month after month; the same story. The referrals sit in her purse because she can’t figure out how to navigate the phone tree at the specialists’ offices. The weight loss and confusion continue, month after month. She’s lost over 50 pounds in 5 months and she now cannot

Alzheimer’s: The Importance of Minimizing Change

Changes can have a tremendous impact on a person with Alzheimer’s or Dementia, and the more prepared the family/caregiver is the better. The main underlying cause of memory loss and confusion is the progressive damage to brain cells caused by the disease. Sometimes your loved one may remember an important date about one person and not the other. Sometimes they may remember something significant about someone who they aren’t close to, but can’t remember something

Locals Choose HEART ‘N HOME as Best of Treasure Valley

Heart ‘n Home Hospice & Palliative Care was awarded The ​Best of Treasure Valley​™ 2019 in home care by Inbound Systems! ​ ​The Best of Treasure Valley introduces a new way of identifying and recognizing the best businesses in the community. Using a combination of online reviews and community votes, winners were determined across nine categories and 184 subcategories. More than 18,000 unique ballots were cast during the voting round by Treasure Valley residents. Local