An Intergenerational Approach to Adult Day Services

ADS Centers offer meals, socialization, and daily activities such as exercise, bingo, music, and art projects that are directed towards clients’ needs and cognitive abilities. In turn, you as a caregiver receive respite during the day to work, attend to household tasks, or rest knowing that your loved one is being cared for by qualified staff in a safe, secure, enriching environment. Many ADS Centers have a registered nurse on duty who can distribute medications

The Role of the Adult Day Center

Where can an aging adult go to socialize, laugh, sing, exercise, receive health care and eat well balanced, nutritious meals? Many adult day centers offer these benefits and more for aging adults who require additional assistance during the day due to health reasons. Currently there are 4,600 adult day centers in the United States serving approximately 260,000 aging adults, younger persons with disabilities, and caregivers. Estimates show a 63% increase in the number of people

Neighborhood House Adult Day Services: An Engaging Community Experience

Neighborhood House Adult Day Services are open Monday – Friday, 7:30 AM- 5:30 PM, and centers are located near downtown Salt Lake and Cottonwood Heights. Neighborhood House enriches, empowers and educates children and adults through quality affordable day care and support services. A sliding fee scale based on families’ ability to pay and door-to-door transportation service offer convenience and affordability for family caregivers. Programming focuses on the specific needs of aging and/or disabled adults. Engaging

Adult Day Services Keeps Seniors Independent Longer

Adult Day Center services may be the perfect fit for you and your loved one if you are identifying that additional care is needed as independence inevitably declines. They offer necessary supervision during the day with the participant returning home, where they feel most comfortable, at the end of the day. Adult Day Centers provide meaningful activities, an opportunity for socialization amongst peers, medication management, meals, necessary support and supervision. These services empower older adults

We’ve Started a Little Spreadsheet…

We regularly sit down in our sales office with individuals who get right to the point: “We are visiting many communities, and we’ve started a spreadsheet to compare them objectively.” Honestly, we love this approach… even if it is all wrong in the end. We love the spreadsheet because when the time comes to tally up the score, our village will have more boxes checked than most communities in any price range. If you are

When To Utilize Adult Day Services

“When is the best time to consider adult day care services for someone I care about?” That is a question often asked by caregivers and family members who are concerned about someone’s safety and well-being. The answer is simple: If you are concerned, then the time is now. If you find yourself asking if it’s time for additional caregiving services, then generally the answer leads to yes. A comprehensive health care plan for someone who