Senior Mobile Dental Announced as a Finalist in Social Innovation in the 2018 Edison Awards

Senior Mobile Dental has been named a finalist in Social Innovation in the 2018 Edison Awards. The Edison Awards, named after Thomas Alva Edison, recognizes and honors the world’s best in innovators and innovations. The Edison Awards will announce gold, silver and bronze award winners at the 31st Annual Edison Awards held Wednesday, April 11, 2018 in New York City. According to the Stanford Graduate School of Business, social innovation is the process of developing

Struggling with Sleep Apnea?

Are you or a loved one struggling with a CPAP to treat obstructive sleep apnea? The sad truth is that many people who have had CPAP therapy prescribed to treat their obstructive sleep apnea are unable or unwilling to wear their CPAP every night for their entire length of sleep. While some patients are very compliant and use their CPAP faithfully every night as prescribed, there is research that suggests that non-tolerance/non-compliance with CPAP is

Don’t get caught paying too much for Dental Care

A group of local dentists have organized themselves to offer seniors an affordable alternative to dental insurance. Traditional dental insurance is one method for individuals to pay for dental care. However, seniors are at a disadvantage when losing access to dental insurance that an employer may have previously provided.  Data now shows that only 50% of the population has dental insurance.  Patients feel that dental insurance is limited and costly and are looking for alternatives. 

Healthy, Beautiful Teeth At Any Age

As we age, tooth loss, discoloration, and even tooth shape can affect the way you look and feel when you smile. Although your teeth are designed to last a lifetime when cared for properly, many people find that age-related imperfections of the teeth can cause them to look older than they are. Even worse, in some cases, tooth decay has been linked to larger dental and overall health issues such as heart disease. However, there

A Smile Is The Curve That Sets Everything Straight

In 2015, Senior Charity Care Foundation addressed the challenge of providing accessible and affordable dental care by starting its own mobile clinic. Since July 2017, SCCF has added dentures services and semi-permanent crowns to the services provided. Dental care is an often-neglected service for many seniors. Unlike traditional medical care, dental care is not covered by most insurance programs and is excluded from Medicare or Medicaid (except for blind and disabled) coverage. Without insurance, the

Senior Oral Health Care— The Oral/Systemic Link

Can you imagine not being able to brush your own teeth? Perhaps it is due to arthritis, poor vision, or dementia. Your inability to perform routine and effective oral hygiene care leads to dental decay and likely periodontal (gum) disease. It can also contribute to an increased risk of heart disease, stroke, and aspiration pneumonia. Controlling your diabetes will be much more difficult. Oral hygiene care is more than routine grooming like brushing one’s hair,