Adult Protective Services

Adult Protective Services (APS) receives reports of abuse, neglect, and exploitation of at-risk adults, conducts an investigation into the allegations, and implements services to reduce and prevent further mistreatment. ​ Colorado operates as a stated supervised, county administered system​. County APS programs provide for the safety and protection of at-risk adults who are or are suspected to be, victims of mistreatment. At-risk adults are defined as persons age 18 or older who are susceptible to

Conflict & Family Caregivers – What You Need to Know

Conflict is a normal, natural part of everyone’s life. Factors that can exacerbate conflict include the well-known things to avoid in polite conversation: religion, politics and money. For families, these big three topics quickly trigger emotions that can be difficult to defuse and when things go awry the aftermath can be felt for decades. According to a May 2018 AARP article “Millennials: The Emerging Generation of Family Caregivers,” there are 40 million family caregivers in

“If It Sounds Too Good To Be True; It Probably Is!

Elder Abuse – Would You Recognize It If You Saw It? Helen is 83 years young and is proud to still be living on her own; so far she manages pretty well with most things except driving. She gave that up for fear of having an accident that would hurt someone else. Helen’s granddaughter Jesse lives a few blocks away and offered to take her places when she needed to go, it seemed like a

Financial Elder Abuse: Can You Do the Math?

I received a letter with an AARP logo informing that I may have sewer line issues and that I should contact a particular company to investigate or I might be personally liable for damage to my sewer line and to the homes of my neighbors. The reality is that I have a well and septic and no sewer system. Letter tossed. You might be amazed to know that many older adults fall for these scam

A Lesson Learned By An Ombudsman

One of my first complaint investigation as a Long Term Care Ombudsman came from a man who stated he was being denied dessert by staff at meal times. When I asked the facility about this they responded that he is diabetic and should not have sweets by order of a physician and request of the family. The complainant pointed out he was a veteran and stated very clearly that he had earned the right to

Answering the Call: Local Program Helps Family Caregivers Prepare for Senior Emergencies

It’s the midnight call that can strike terror in the hearts of so many local family caregivers. “Mom has suffered a stroke,” or “Dad accidentally overdosed on his medications.” Resources are available for those adult children who live in fear of getting “the call” that tells them their senior loved one is in trouble. Research conducted for the Home Instead Senior Care® network has revealed that many grown children don’t know all they should about