Pre-planning Your Funeral is One of the Most Thoughtful Gifts You Can Give Your Family.

Most of us plan for the unexpected. We keep extra batteries, canned goods, water, in case of bad weather. We have home owners’ and car insurance in case of an accident. Yet so many of us avoid planning for the one event we KNOW will happen. Are we that afraid of acknowledging our mortality? At Feldman Mortuary, we understand the discomfort in thinking about death; we also know that planning NOW is the best time

Bridging the Divide When Honoring the Death of a Loved One

It’s a difficult time for you and your family. The death of a loved one or friend is often among the most stressful events in our lives. At a time when you are dealing with your own emotions and those of others, considering how to honor your loved one may feel daunting. Creating a unique and personalized event that reflects your culture and life experiences may be the way to memorialize your loved one or friend.

Do You Know What To Do When Someone Dies?

It is surprising that even though the one thing so certain in life’s cycle is death, many people don’t know what to do when that inevitable event occurs. Following is a short guide of what to do:   At the time of death: Call 911, your local Coroner’s Office or your hospice professional if your loved one is enrolled with hospice. Call family members or friends and ask for help in notifying others. Look through

End of life planning and the form you need to know about

Many times, families assume they know who the Next of Kin is and later learn they are wrong. Knowing who Texas law designates is important when making end-of-life arrangements. However, even more critical is knowing what to do if you want to designate someone other than your Next of Kin to handle your arrangements. Texas official order of Next of Kin The Texas Health & Safety Code outlines the priority order for Next of Kin.

The Last Chapter: What to Expect, What to avoid, What to Smile About.

Wouldn’t it be nice to just ride off into the sunset, and when that golden glow is laying on the horizon like a bridge, we just step onto it and walk right into Heaven? Sounds perfect. But life isn’t so perfect, and it isn’t easy either. But there are many good memories we can all tuck away and carry with us. And we can make the process a little easier on our families by being

Peace of Mind Starts with a Plan

It can be overwhelming to think about your preferred final wishes. Funeral professionals can help make this experience positive and manageable. To begin, consider just the major decisions. From there, the details naturally follow. Here are the top five: Would you prefer for your body to be cremated, buried, or donated for research? Will any of your family or friends wish to view and spend time with your body? Should there be a celebration of