We’ve Started a Little Spreadsheet…

We regularly sit down in our sales office with individuals who get right to the point: “We are visiting many communities, and we’ve started a spreadsheet to compare them objectively.” Honestly, we love this approach… even if it is all wrong in the end. We love the spreadsheet because when the time comes to tally up the score, our village will have more boxes checked than most communities in any price range. If you are

Life Care Planning – A Fresh Approach to Elder Law

As we age we navigate many changes including social, work, physical, and financial to name a few.  We’ve become pretty good at addressing our physical, work and social opportunities. We might downsize to a smaller home as our children move out.  We may plan for retirement by considering volunteer and travel opportunities. We also connect with a doctor to identify ways to stay healthy.  As we are busy planning and enjoying the next phase of

How Can an Ombudsman Help You?

If you live in a long-term care or assisted living facility remember that the Ombudsman is your advocate to help in working out issues or concerns that arise. I first met Jennifer, a fifty something year old woman last year. Jen reported injuring herself, a small cut, maybe a nick gardening or chopping veggies she wasn’t sure. The cut was small enough to be non-concerning and it healed soon enough that the event was long