When It’s Time to Move On

You may have lived in your home for 50+ years. You may have raised your children in your home. You have worked your entire life to accumulate the items in your home. You wonder, how can I give up this home that is full of love and memories? Here are three questions you’ll want to ask yourself: 1. Is home maintenance becoming a problem? 2. Is it time to live closer to my children or

To Everything There Is a Season

The 1965 hit by the Bryds, Turn, Turn, Turn – could not have said it better… “There is a season and a time to every purpose… ”Although this folksy song was during a time of war – it was about inner peace and reflection. It poetically speaks to all of us at some point in our lives. Perhaps none more so then when we are approaching retirement and we decide where we should live as

Getting the Conversation Started

Talking to your loved one about moving into an assisted living community may seem like an impossible task. It’s common to feel uncomfortable when suggesting to someone that they may need assistance with daily tasks or activities. Brookdale Senior Living talks to families and future residents everyday about how to get the conversation started. With more than 100,000 residents in 46 states calling Brookdale home, the team at Brookdale has learned a few things about what works

The Making of a Move

All moves share some common elements including why move, when to move, where to move and how to move. The answers depend on individual circumstances and one’s age. We’ll consider moves from the viewpoint of a senior. Why and when often can be addressed together. The motivation for a senior to move can be initiated by needs related to physical health, social activity, memory support. Some people anticipate their needs and tour senior communities and

A Moving Experience That Appeals to the Heart

When you think of movers and shakers Denise DeGemmis name should come to mind. After more than 2 decades of entrepreneurship in Naples, and as a Luxury Relocation specialist, Denise and her compassionate and energetic staff have the ways and means to professionally guide you and your family through your move, downsize, sale and reorganization of your home. Even through the most difficult times, their many hands make for light work. Previously a full time

Moving? Well, Maybe…

Senior Move Managers assist adults to remain in their current homes, or to move to new ones. Good Moves, Inc. specializes in the emotional and physical aspects of sorting through a lifetime of memories. You may not need to move. With time, homes often become cluttered and unsafe. To avoid an unneeded move, Good Moves, Inc. helps downsize, de-clutter, and organize. SAFETY is always first, and moving when you want to move is much better