A Concierge Approach to Real Estate and Aging-in-Place

There is a significant movement by seniors that wish to create an environment where they can Age-in-Place, either within an existing home that is upgraded, downsizing to a more comfortable square footage, adding smart-home technology, or perhaps to discuss the option of an ADU. These home environments must be safe, in a walkable area, maintain a sense of community, independence and allow for seniors to Age-in-Place. Some seniors may not want to give up their

What is a Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM)*?

A HECM reverse mortgage loan is a way to turn a portion of the equity in your home into cash. The proceeds from a reverse mortgage can be used to pay for unexpected expenses, such as nursing home costs or long-term care. It could also provide you with additional cash flow for all the expenses you have. As long as all loan terms are met, the loan does not require repayment until the last surviving

The Upside of Senior Downsizing – How a Seniors Real Estate Specialist Can Reduce the Overwhelm

You may have lived in your home for 50+ years. You may have raised your children in your home. You have worked your entire life to accumulate the items in your home. You wonder, how can I give up this home that is full of love and memories? Here are three questions you’ll want to ask yourself: Is home maintenance becoming a problem? Is it time to live closer to my children or grandchildren? Is

Moving on With Life is Easier When You Have People You Can Count On

At the Silver and Gold Group, we understand that every move is not created equal. Some are definitely harder than others. Often you need services beyond that of a single real estate agent.That’s why our well-educated group is a perfect solution for those who need more than just a sign in the yard. Our team of caring professionals can assist with property maintenance, estate sale planning and repairs. We understand that each situation is different,

I’m Ready to Sell My House – Where Do I Begin?

Making the decision to move, whether downsizing to a smaller home or moving to one of the many beautiful retirement communities in the area, the process can be both exciting and stressful at the same time. With so many things to consider….“What will I do with all of my stuff”, “What is my home worth in today’s market”, “Who will help me” the next logical question becomes “Where will I begin”? Scott and Kelli Nold’s

10 Reasons Why You Should Use a SRES Realtor:

1. SRES Realtors communicate with seniors the way they want to be communicated with. Many homeowners want/need to have personal visits verses email, text, or even phone. 2. SRES Realtors understand that homeowners may need to have several visits from them before they can gain their trust enough to allow them to put their house on the market. 3. SRES Realtors know there may be some physical limitations that the homeowner has that may make