Senior Friendship Health Centers –Restoring Hope One Patient at a Time

The Senior Friendship Health Center (SFHC) was established in Collier County in 1985 to serve the medical and dental needs of low-income older adults. Our patients are age 50+ who live at 200% or less of the Federal Poverty level, thereby living on less than $24,120 per year. Our center provides care to patients that have very few places to turn for services after they pay for housing, food, or transportation. Our medical and dental

Where Should You Go For Emergency Care?

There was a time when the local hospital emergency room was a person’s only choice for an illness or injury that wouldn’t wait for normal business hours. Today, it’s one of a menu of options for such care, from urgent cares to neighborhood micro-hospitals and stand-alone ERs.  Defining an emergency It starts with knowing what a health emergency is. Generally speaking, it’s a serious or life-threatening condition that requires immediate attention or advanced care such

Why Do I need a Primary Care Physician

Many people believe they only need a doctor when they are sick. However, having a primary care physician may be your key to staying healthy. An important responsibility of a primary care physician is providing preventative care. Think of your primary care physician as your wellness coach, who will protect your health through regular checkups, and will make sure you get the screenings you need to identify any concerns as early as possible. There are

What is “Program for All-inclusive Care for the Elderly” (PACE)

Many of us wish to remain in our homes as we age, however we find with each year it is more difficult to coordinate all the medically necessary services to live safely in the community. The Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE) may be the answer. PACE is a National program for adults 55+ who have health needs that affect their daily lives. PACE is administered by MassHealth and Medicare to provide a

Integrated Medical Services: A New Trend in Modern Medicine

It has always been my belief that in order to fully take care of a patient, a comprehensive plan and resources need to be in place. While there are many aspects of good patient care, access to services is vitally important along with those resources communicating with each other to coordinate that care. Having medical services, such as a pharmacy, a medical clinic, and a home health and hospice working jointly together provides a higher

Senior Clinics Treat the Whole Person, Not Just Medical Problems

For the most part, Utahns are a healthy bunch. Average life expectancy in the Beehive State is 79 — the third highest in the nation. But helping people stay healthy and independent as they age requires expertise. The Senior Clinics at Intermountain Healthcare are much more than a doctor’s office. These clinics specialize in helping people age 65 and older to maintain and improve their quality of life. Clinic staffers do this by paying attention