DART hosts 25th Annual Older Americans Month Information and Health Fair on May 16

Seniors are invited to “Connect, Create, Contribute” at the Older Americans Information and Health Fair, which will be held on Thursday, May 16, 10 a.m.-1 p.m., at Centennial Hall in Dallas’ Fair Park. This year, Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) celebrates the 25th anniversary of what has become the one of the largest senior events in North Texas. Free health screenings, valuable information, games, giveaways, entertainment and social activity are just a few of the

Live Fully. Travel Safely!

We live in a world where driving and independence seem to go hand in hand. Yet for most indi-viduals, there comes a time when driving may no longer be safe. York County has seen a re-cent increase in the percentage of motor vehicle accidents where the driver is an older adult. Our physical abilities, reaction times, vision and hearing change as we age. That doesn’t mean that we can’t continue to do things that are

Compassion Drives Us

“We’re all about providing the highest caliber experience for you.” Experiences are everywhere, sometimes they are good and you want them to last, and other times they are bad and can’t end soon enough. Even your choice of transportation is all about your experience. At Caliber Patient Care, that’s our focus and that’s why we brought this non-emergency medical transport business to Southwest Florida. Susan’s career as a Registered Nurse and my business background help

Do You or Someone You Know Need a Ride? iTNSunCoast is here for you!!

Are you or your parents in their 80s or 90s and need transportation?  Do you or your parents have doubts about continuing to drive and do so because you are not aware of a good transportation alternative? Do you or your parents not go out in the evening because of concerns about driving at night? If any of these situations apply, iTNSunCoast is here for you!! iTNSunCoast is a Sarasota-based, non-profit organization that provides rides

Three Easy Steps to Keep You Independent And On The Road!

If you have recently become a person with a disability, a temporary limitation from surgery or injury, or you’re a senior and realize your driving skills have declined over the years, don’t self-diagnose about the type of adaptive equipment you may need. Follow these simple steps to find the correct equipment to keep you independent: Step 1: Start with your physician and discuss your concerns. They will diagnose your problem and may recommend visiting a specialized occupational

Know How To Go, Mobility Resources for Southwestern CT

Welcome to “Know How to Go,” your one stop for information on all your travel needs in southwestern Connecticut.  This program is designed to enhance people’s access to their communities by identifying the best transportation service to meet the unique needs of seniors, individuals with a disability, and veterans.  Our purpose is to provide you with a host of valuable travel-related information about all transportation services in the southwestern region of Connecticut.  From the public