Home, Sweet, Well-Designed Home

When selecting a senior living community, the design is important. A personal evaluation will help. Today’s prospective residents are looking for design trends that facilitate a more active and engaged lifestyle. Designs that promote engagement, encourage social living and include plenty of spaces for both privacy and community are in high demand. Consider an overall holistic design that promotes different elements and dimensions of wellness, including: SOCIAL EXPERIENCES: Communities should provide a neighborhood concept with

Choosing a Senior Living Community

Senior living has many options – what’s best for you? Do you require care? Are you independent and seeking an apartment community where you feel safe, can socialize and have activities right at your fingertips? Yes? An independent living community would fit your lifestyle. Check out senior apartments or a continuing care retirement community (CCRC). A CCRC allows you to move-in as a healthy adult, but if your needs change, you can access higher levels

Integrating Health Care/Wellness Insurance Consultations for Seniors

Senior housing facilities who receive tax credits are required to provide Supportive Services as part of their agreement with the Pennsylvania Health Finance Agency (PHFA). These services are designed to help seniors age-in-place by addressing barriers to healthy food, transportation, health & wellness services, financial assistance and social activities. Although non-tax credit properties may not have an escrowed budget to pay for such services, there is evidence that the cost of property management can be

Tips for Visiting a Senior in Memory Care

Knowing how to communicate with a loved one with Alzheimer’s or dementia takes practice and, above all, patience. Regardless, just being present for an aging family member can take an emotional toll. Before visiting a loved one in memory care, consider researching some of the common behavior and personality changes associated with memory loss. Memory loss, dementia and Alzheimer’s affect people’s brains differently, and how individuals cope with changing medical needs can be significant factors

Need a Hand ?

Is your loved one in a crisis? Do you feel hopeless and exhausted?  Are you overwhelmed and stressed?  Are you a part of the “Sandwich Generation” taking care of aging parents, children & grandchildren at the same time?  Do you see “RED FLAGS” of changes in personal hygiene, neglecting household responsi-bilities, social isolation, physical withdrawal, or cognitive decline in your loved one? Are you worried about the costs of caring for your loved one? Then

Choosing Your Next Level of Care

Many times after a serious injury or illness, the need for additional 24-hour medical assistance is needed to help a person heal, properly rehabilitate and ensure that he or she is in stable condition before returning home. What most people don’t know is that there are different options when choosing a continued care provider after your primary acute hospital stay. Each organization can vary by the length of stay, therapy intensity and type of medical