Alzheimer’s Awareness: Are You Aware?

Not as many people are aware, but every one of us is impacted by Alzheimer’s disease. Maybe the disease affects somebody we know – we’re all just a few degrees of separation away from someone suffering from the disease. We are all indirectly paying the bill as Alzheimer’s will cost our government $277 billion by the end of 2018, and that does not reflect informal care. Nationally, 5.5 million Americans have Alzheimer’s, every 66 seconds

Walk to End Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer’s disease is the sixth-leading cause of death in the United States and affects 5.7 million Americans. This devastating and debilitating disease is the ultimate thief of memories, independence, control, time, and, ultimately, life. The disease is often dealt with in silence. Those facing the disease feel a stigma surrounding their diagnosis and often don’t seek the support they need. At the Alzheimer’s Association, we hear from individuals daily that they “feel alone.” Family and

Memory Care Facilities Support Residents as Well as Families

The story about Alzheimer’s disease, a powerful degenerative malady that shrinks brain cells, robbing its victims of their memories as well as their physical and mental abilities, isn’t about the cure—there isn’t one. It’s about the care. Alzheimer’s shrivels brain cells, making its victims lose their short-term memory first, before their long-term memory goes. Alzheimer’s patients lose their cognition slowly, becoming unable to carry out simple tasks like dressing themselves and using the bathroom. As the disease

Benefits of Continuing Care Retirement Communities

When considering senior living options for yourself or a family member, the amount of information to process may seem overwhelming. It’s important to understand the types of communities available to you, along with the services offered. Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRCs) typically include independent living, assisted living, and memory care and some may offer skilled nursing and rehabilitation. These communities are worth considering, as they offer a variety of services within one community, maintenance-free living,

Not a Conveyor Belt…

Continuing Care Retirement Communities (“CCRC”) are a popular senior living option in our region. The Chambersburg to Lancaster corridor is rich with outstanding communities, offering today’s retirees an active, healthy lifestyle and valuable answers to their financial and health-related “what-ifs.” Visitors to a modern and comprehensive CCRC leave impressed with the beautiful Residential Living accommodations, the great programming and thoughtful assistance in Personal Care, and the compassionate care and expertise in the Health Care Center.

Caring for a Person with Dementia?

Caring for a person with dementia often takes its toll on the caregiver’s health. The stress of the situation often causes medical and/or psychological issues for the person. Although stress cannot completely be eliminated, there are steps to take to avoid being in distress. One of the first steps is to have a medical professional who understands dementia, the progression, the impacts, and the medical treatments. This doctor may or may not be the person’s