Mom’s Big Decision (An illustrative story)

I wouldn’t say my mother was ever a social butterfly, but since Dad’s passing the home health nurse and physical therapist had become the week’s highlights. We just could never get there often enough! Then the pneumonia and fall in the bathroom last winter scared us all. My brother said there was no way Mom could afford a senior home because a coworker told him what it cost for his dad. I did an internet

EXPLORE! the World of Senior Living

Why Act Now? Beautiful senior living facilities serve Collier and Lee Counties. New ones open every day. Seniors and their families can feel overwhelmed by so many choices! Hawley-Holt acts as a matchmaker by interviewing seniors and their families to identify and understand their near term health needs, longer term preferences and life style priorities. These are compared against a complex database of information provided by the local senior communities and compiled by Hawley-Holt. Hawley-Holt

Expertise… when it matters most.

Selecting a senior living community could be a daunting task. There are many factors to consider finding the perfect place. Bruce Rosenblatt, owner of Senior Housing Solutions has over 30 years’ experience in senior housing and uses his expertise to help eliminate the guesswork of selecting a senior living community. Bruce is also a featured columnist for the Naples Daily News and provides senior housing advice in his column. Senior Housing Solutions has been proudly

Questions to Start Your Senior Living Search

There are about 22,000 senior housing properties in the U.S. And there are different types of senior housing within that 22,000, so figuring out which one to choose can feel a bit daunting. Asking yourself two questions – “How much can I afford?” and “What level of services do I need?” – will help you narrow your range of choices so you can find the best fit for your lifestyle and budget. What Level of

7 Mistakes Families Make When Looking For Senior Care

Searching for assisted living or residential care by yourself can be an eye opening experience for anyone, especially when your loved one has special needs. Here are some mistakes to avoid when searching. They take facility operators at their word. It’s a regrettable situation, but operators and marketers of assisted living centers are sometimes under considerable pressure to keep their facilities full. This can lead to misrepresenting the facts. For instance, some may say their

ALPHA’s Urgent Mission – and we Need YOU!

Do you know a senior that needs some support? Perhaps they would do better with assisted housing such as a Personal Care Home or Assisted Living? Perhaps they would, but perhaps the monthly cost of a Personal Care Home exceeds $3,400 per month and is out of their reach? In York County, more than 17% of York County residents age 65 or older have a monthly income of less than $1500. We certainly have a