The Short on Rehab

What is Post-Acute Rehabilitation? It is an inpatient center that provides therapies and/or Skilled Nursing. Adults go there to recover from illness, injury, surgery, or other medical conditions following treatment in an Acute Care Hospital. Post-Acute Rehabilitation is a term used interchangeably with Short Term Rehab, Transitional Care Unit and Skilled Nursing Rehab Facility (SNF). These facilities offer many similar services, such as: Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy and Skilled Nursing Services. All centers

What in the World is an Ombudsman?

Have you ever seen a word and thought, “What is that, where did it come from, and what in the world does it mean?” For many, the word “ombudsman” elicits that response. It’s only early summer, but Ombudsmen (and Ombudswomen!) across the state have already made hundreds of visits to local long term care facilities and provided countless hours of consultation and education to long term care residents and their families. The term “ombudsman” is

What’s Right For Me?

Hospital stays, planned or unplanned, are never a first choice for a vacation.  Despite our desire to be relaxing on a beach or enjoying the mountains, you or someone you love will unfortunately end up spending time in a hospital.  Once stable, hospital patients frequently say the same thing, “I just want to go home.”  When you are in a hospital, your road home may be direct or it may include a short detour to

Defining Levels of Post-Acute Care

Many times after a serious injury or illness, the need for additional 24-hour medical assistance is needed to help a person heal, properly rehabilitate and ensure that he or she is in stable condition before returning home. What most people don’t know is that there are different options when choosing a continued care provider after your primary acute hospital stay. Each organization can vary by the length of stay, therapy intensity and type of medical

New Bridge Medical Center

Connecting compassionate, quality care to our communities  New Bridge Medical Center, a clinical affiliate of Rutgers Biomedical and Health Sciences, is a 1,070-bed hospital located at 230 East Ridgewood Avenue in Paramus, NJ. The Medical Center is both the largest hospital and licensed nursing home in New Jersey and the fourth-largest publicly-owned hospital in the nation. The hospital changed its name to New Bridge in October 2017 when the not-for-profit company, Care Plus Bergen, took

Not a Conveyor Belt…

Continuing Care Retirement Communities (“CCRC”) are a popular senior living option in our region. The Chambersburg to Lancaster corridor is rich with outstanding communities, offering today’s retirees an active, healthy lifestyle and valuable answers to their financial and health-related “what-ifs.” Visitors to a modern and comprehensive CCRC leave impressed with the beautiful Residential Living accommodations, the great programming and thoughtful assistance in Personal Care, and the compassionate care and expertise in the Health Care Center.