Integrating Health Care/Wellness Insurance Consultations for Seniors

Senior housing facilities who receive tax credits are required to provide Supportive Services as part of their agreement with the Pennsylvania Health Finance Agency (PHFA). These services are designed to help seniors age-in-place by addressing barriers to healthy food, transportation, health & wellness services, financial assistance and social activities. Although non-tax credit properties may not have an escrowed budget to pay for such services, there is evidence that the cost of property management can be

Affordable Housing For Seniors

In today’s economy many people are finding it difficult to make ends meet. This is particularly true for seniors on fixed incomes.With the housing market in turmoil, gas prices at record levels and inflation taking over our economy, many seniors are left with few options to live their retirement years in an acceptable manner. However, in Lee County, Habitat for Humanity has come to the rescue.In 2006, the well known organization opened its first senior