Are My Affairs in Order? And Not Just the Legal Ones!

I don’t know about you, but when I hear, “Are your affairs in order?” I immediately think of my will, my end-of-life wishes, and financial security.

I find that most of us forget about everyday emergencies such as natural disasters including snow, fire, flooding, high winds or tornadoes; environmental disasters like utility outages; medical emergencies from acute illness, falls, or accidents; and household emergencies such as the loss of heat, air conditioning, plumbing, or appliance failure. Don’t forget the little stuff. It’s amazing how the simplest thing such as the break down of an electric can-opener can have a major impact on someone with arthritis.

As we start to plan for emergencies and get ALL of our affairs in order, including the legal ones, there are many factors to consider such as finances, any medical conditions, our immediate family, parents, neighbors, and even our pets!

The 3 steps to having ALL Your Affairs in Order are:


  1. Plan Ahead
  • Determine who you can count on to be your primary source of help
  • Have a list of people who you can turn to for questions, support, and help
  • Make arrangements with someone to help with the house, children, and pets should you need to leave unexpectedly
  • Notify the utility companies if you require the use of life sustaining medical equipment


  1. Gather Important Documents
  • Gather important information about you and your household
  • Develop a notebook with important documents so that everything is in one place
  • Keep important contact information in your wallet – doctors, kids, friends, neighbors


  1. Get professional help to assist with the development of your plan

Aging Life Care Professionals™ formerly known as Geriatric Care Managers are trained and experienced in creating a plan that is right for you. To find a qualified Aging Life Care Professional™ in your area contact the Aging Life Care Association™ at (520) 881-8008 or visit their website at “” If you are interested in having a document notebook which guides you through the process of gathering pertinent information such as personal, medical, household, financial, legal, and more contact Senior Life Solutions at (970) 282-7975.



Editor’s Note:This article was submitted by Colleen Daugherty MSW, NCG. Colleen is an Aging Life Care Professional™ with Senior Life Solutions providing care management and counseling in Northern Colorado. You may contact Colleen at (970) 282-7975 or by email at