Informed Choices at No Cost, No Obligation

Finally, there is a place in Southwest Florida where consumers can shop their Medicare health plans at No-Cost and No-Obligation!

Informed Choice Insurance Agency is a Midwest-based company that opened its doors in Southwest Florida three years ago. We have been serving clients’ Medicare needs since 1998.
Informed Choice Sales Associates are not paid commissions.
We don’t pay commissions in order to assure clients that we are doing what is in their best interest. At Informed Choice, clients can shop many of the finest Medicare Advantage Health Plans, Medicare Supplement Health Plans, and Prescription Drug Plans available in their market.
Whether you are turning 65, retiring and losing your group insurance, or just simply trying to find out if the plan you have is truly the right plan for you, Informed Choice can help! Thank you in advance.

Editor’s Note: For more information contact Informed Choices at 239-208-7090. Informed Choice 13620 Metropolis Ave #100, Fort Myers, FL 33912. (877) 446-3676.

Neither Informed Choice nor its agents are connected with the Federal Medicare Program.