Navigate Life’s Moments with Confidence

At the law office of Beth Prather, you will find a team ready to help you through some of life’s most difficult moments.

Beth Prather’s credentials as a board certified elder law attorney with expertise in the areas of estate planning, probate, trusts, guardianship, Medicaid, and VA planning bring clients through the door. Her down-to-earth approach and skill at communicating in a manner that can make sense out of difficult topics keep clients coming back.
Beth is passionate about helping older adults create a proactive plan for successful retirement: a plan which gives them peace of mind. She treats clients with respect and dignity while navigating them through difficult conversations to get at what matters most to them for their care.
Her undergraduate math major and MBA both complement her legal knowledge as she skillfully maps ways for clients to stretch resources to pay for care at each step in their journey. Her thoroughness and analytical skills are essential to draft critical legal documents and help clients develop the comprehensive plan for care they are likely to need throughout their life journey.
When Beth is not hard at work at the office, she strives to make her analytic skills work in her favor on the golf course.