SENIOR REAL ESTATE SPECIALISTS (SRES) AGENTS WHO UNDERSTAND SENIORS’ NEEDS The real estate market is always changing, and one of the largest recent shifts is the way in which homes are marketed! In the past, agents specialized in fairly small geographic areas, such as the Boise Bench or North End Boise exclusively. This was essential because there was no Internet, and new listing information came via the fax machine and weekly or biweekly paper copy updates. Today, listings are put on the local Intermountain Multiple Listing Service (IMLS) electronically with tons of information available to anyone with access. Millions of people can now view your listing! In the past, most sellers expected their listing agent to put ads in the local newspaper, host open houses & bring the buyer to their home. Today, an exceptional listing agent understands that although there are still great ways to market through print ads, statistically, OVER 90\% of buyers look for homes online via their computer, smart phones, tablets, etc. Furthermore, 40\% of buyers find the home by themselves online, compared to only 2\% using print ads! Your agent must understand this statistic and market where buyers are looking! Preferably, the listing agent will have a Seniors Real Estate Specialist (SRES) designation as well. This designation means the agent understands the unique situations Seniors face in buying or selling their homes, including: loss of loved ones, trusts, 401Ks, IRAs, down-sizing or “right-sizing”, community requirements, emotional attachments to the home, etc. A great agent can also assist their clients in preparing their home for sale to maximize profits by helping the seller stage their home, make necessary repairs, take professional photos, create a website for the home, etc. A SRES agent understands that Seniors may want to buy in a community that features specific amenities that are most desirable to Seniors, and also may consider proximity to health care professionals. Being near a local hospital could mean the difference between life or death. Be sure your agent has the SRES designation and is FULL-time, and do not be afraid to ask how many homes they sell annually. Everyone knows someone who sells real estate, but having a professional & caring agent will make a huge difference. By Sean Taylor – Boise SRES Realtor & Top Producer