Share your wishes in 2015

Share your “wishes” in 2015

After the often hectic buzz and planning of the holidays, we need a little time to
regroup, reflect and set new resolutions come January. Maybe youʼve planned
the holidays, the gifts, the decorations and who gets the guest bedroom. Now itʼs
time to think about you.
Do your loved ones know how youʼd want to be cared for if you couldnʼt advocate
for yourself due to a serious illness or injury? Do they know if you would want
extraordinary measures including being on a respirator to keep you alive? Are
they aware whether or not you want comfort measures, including aggressive
symptom management, to keep you comfortable until death? The decisions
about your treatment and healthcare should be yours.
Plan for the “What if?”
While we wish and dream for many things, itʼs understandable that even thinking
about death may make us uncomfortable — and yet a dignified and peaceful
death is what we wish for. That sense of discomfort is nothing compared to the
stress you and or your loved ones could endure if you havenʼt shared your final
wishes before you are unable to actively make a decision on your own behalf.
Additionally, itʼs important to appoint someone who will act for you if any medical
condition or circumstance should occur where you cannot speak for yourself.
A Simple Form
An Advance Directive is a legal document which expresses these preferences. It
can contain a Living Will, the naming of a healthcare representative or both.
Surprisingly, itʼs pretty simple and can be done in a matter or minutes – perhaps
some of the most important minutes you can spend to help yourself and your
family. You donʼt need a lawyer or a notary, just a good form and a pen to sign
the document in the presence of two witnesses.
We Can Help
Regional Hospice and Home Care can help. Visit us at and
download a copy of “Advanced Directives, What you Should Know”. Or, you can
email us at and we can send it to you.
Make your preferences known while you can consciously and thoughtfully plan
them. Make sure to prepare for unexpected healthcare needs and make those
final weeks or days less stressful for you and your loved ones by sharing these
wishes now.
Make a resolution to get those wishes defined and shared before
the next holiday