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Move Forward With Music Class

10:00 AM - 11:00 AM
Music therapy is the use of music to address non-musical goals. This can vary from using music to improve speech after a stroke, to using music to help children with developmental disabilities reach their developmental milestones.
What sets music therapy apart from other therapies is that Board Certified Music Therapists manipulate the elements of music to facilitate therapeutic change. Our job is to know how the various elements of music function and impact humans on a neurobiological level, and what behavioral changes to look for. Each person has a unique response to music and specific elements of music, and it takes a skilled professional to utilize that relationship for a
therapeutic change. You will experience exciting and fun ways to work on functional goals in a relaxed and social environment through music. You will also engage in sustained, selective, alternating, and divided attention exercises
through playing instruments and listening to live music.

Cost: There is no cost for this class but online registration is required.
Questions? Contact Heather Walker – 720-907-1455 or


1325 S Colorado Blvd B-300

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