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Tog Chod: Sword Wisdom Practice at Scheitler

04:45 PM - 05:45 PM

Join us for this 10-week progressive course to explore the rare art of Tog Chod. Tog Chod, the Wisdom Sword practice, is a combination of body postures, movements and visualizations based in the Yaman and Kalachakra dances of Tibet. This dynamic meditative practice empowers us to reduce our fears and expectations, dissolve our mental imprints and overcome our negative emotions. This is because with Tog Chod, you learn to cut through your thoughts. In this way, we can sever our attachments to concepts such as truth and fear. Doing this enables us to prevent our thoughts from needlessly wandering into the past or the future, so that we may live in the present moment. Wooden swords will be provided.


5031 W. 46th Ave

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