August 2020



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Practical Information on Supported Decision Making (SDM) and Elders

09:00 AM - 11:00 AM

Presented by: Kelsey Lesco, Colorado Legal Assistance Developer for Elders under the Older Americans Act.

Overview: This training will explore Supported Decision Making. Supported Decision Making (SDM) is a individualized, person-centred process that allows a person with diminished capacity to retain their decision-making capability by selecting friends, family members, professionals, or others to serve as advisors. These advisors help the person to understand and communicate decisions. Supported Decision Making is a growing alternative to guardianship and conservatorship. Following an overview of SDM, this training will discuss capacity, implications of guardianship, consequences of a lack of autonomy, and provide practical information on the SDM process and its limitations.

Panelist: Kelsey Lesco: Kelsey Lesco is the Colorado Legal Assistance Developer for Elders under the Older Americans Act. In this position she oversees a network of attorneys who provide free legal services to elders in Colorado, members of the public and other professionals. Kelsey also works to address systemic issues impacting elders in Colorado through legislation and public policy development. In addition to a law degree,Kelsey holds a Master’s in Public Administration.

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Caregivers and Professionals Who Should Attend: Social work practitioners, medical, psychologists and mental health, legal/judicial, law enforcement officials and personnel, home care placement agencies, court-appointed guardians and conservators, community-center board staff and clergy. All of the above – whether paid or unpaid.

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