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The El Paso County Economic Development Department is excited to announce two upcoming webinars. The first webinar, on April 8th at 1 pm, will be a celebration of Fair Housing Month and Community Development Week. Please join us for a special presentation on fair housing law in our community, followed shortly by highlights of recently completed El Paso County CDBG projects. If you’ve ever wanted to see federal funding in action or learn more about why we dedicate an entire month of the year to the Fair Housing Act, this is your chance! 

The second webinar will be held on April 9th at 1 pm. It will provide a comprehensive overview of the new state-managed rental assistance program, and how tenants and landlords can use it to cover unpaid and upcoming rent. Additional discussion will also be had on local housing and utility resources, particularly for seniors. This is an excellent opportunity for service providers and residents to learn about tools and funding sources available to address housing and utility needs in El Paso County. 

If you are interested in signing up for the webinars, please feel free to view the notices attached to this email for more information, or email to register for the webinar. 

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