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2019 Thriving in Stress: Compassion Fatigue, Burnout, and Self-Care

01:00 PM - 04:00 PM

This 3 hour interactive seminar sponsored by Idaho Estate Planning will focus on preventing stress related issues like burnout, compassion fatigue, and work-related illnesses. There will be discussions of self-care, fostering personal and corporate resiliency, dealing with our own ghosts, and creating a safe and supportive workplace. The seminar is designed to address these topics from administrative, employee, and caregiver perspectives. From policy to exercise, the seminar will offer tangible and workable suggestions shown to sustain thriving in high stress environments.

Presenter:  Randy Moss Ph.D. is a consulting psychologist with over 36 years of experience. An early adopter of the trauma-informed framework, Dr. Moss has taught nationally about organizational changes to better serve service seekers, support and structures to sustain workers’ health and engagement, and personal activities to ensure optimum wellbeing. Research-based and best-practice oriented, Dr. Moss has a knack of translating the data into use able bites. Concerned about the whole continuum of accountability from the CEO to a sporadic visitor, Randy addresses the effects that ignoring burnout and compassion fatigue has on patients, families, communities, and bottom lines. Straightforward, science-grounded and yet accessible, funny, and informative, Dr. Moss will present takeaways that promote success, resiliency, and retention at all levels.

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