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Virtual Active Shooter: Life-Saving Tactics

11:00 AM - 01:00 PM

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Recent active shooter attacks at military bases in California and Florida are a stark reminder that deadly violence can break out at any workplace or public venue. While every attack is different, there are commonalities -- including cases where intended victims are protecting themselves and even fight back.

The numbers show that active shooter incidents are increasing yet the death toll per attack is less than it could have been, often due to awareness of what to do when confronted by an armed assailant.

The decision to run, hide or fight is critical in the scant minutes during which most attacks play out.

A well-organized and well-communicated emergency plan with simple survival training can save lives in the minutes a typical attack lasts from start to finish.

This fast-paced 90-minute online training provides real-life stories, pertinent facts and steps you can take to prepare for and respond to an armed assailant. In addition to a compelling narrative from former FBI agent Rob Haley, your company will secure the guidance and information tools to update or implement your legally compliant Emergency Action Plan (EAP) along with specific Active Shooter Preparedness Guidelines.



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