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Communication & Behavioral Challenges of Dementia

10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

With dementia, communication challenges and behavioral challenges are often two sides of the same coin. This interactive workshop will initially focus on how individuals with dementia communicate their needs and wants at the various stages of their disease process. Professional caregivers, family, and friends will learn how to effectively interpret and respond to their needs and wants in ways that are caring and dignified.

With behavioral challenges, participants will learn that: all behavior has meaning and that behavior is communication. Understanding the difference between typical behaviors for individuals with dementia and those that may present challenges will be emphasized. Effective responses to behavioral challenges will include real life examples and will emphasize the importance of safety for everyone.


Menno Haven – Resident Life Center (in Event Center)
300 Ridgeview


PennCares Support Services
717-632-5552, ext. 1000

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