Three Easy Steps to Keep You Independent And On The Road!

If you have recently become a person with a disability, a temporary limitation from surgery or injury, or you’re a senior and realize your driving skills have declined over the years, don’t self-diagnose about the type of adaptive equipment you may need. Follow these simple steps to find the correct equipment to keep you independent:

Step 1: Start with your physician and discuss your concerns. They will diagnose your problem and may recommend visiting a specialized occupational therapist trained on adaptive mobility equipment called a Certified Driver Rehabilitation Specialist (CDRS).A CDRS evaluates your skills, restrictions and abilities to decide if you’ll be able to drive with vehicle modifications and adaptive equipment. Determining your unique needs allows for the correct equipment to be installed.

Step 2: Find your nearest National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association (NMEDA) Certified Shop. This is very important. Modifying your vehicle will likely change safety features, functionality and structural makeup. Making sure you use a NMEDA shop ensures all safety and installation guidelines are followed and that warranties will be upheld. ANY shop trying to install adaptive equipment without these certifications is in violation of National Transportation Regulations. This can put you at risk and liable for any injury caused to you or someone else.

Step 3: Relax and trust your team! The great thing about a NMEDA Certified Shop is that they will work hand in hand with your CDRS to make sure you get the best fit in equipment. No matter if it is hand controls, chair ramps, lifts, restraints or something else, they will also train you on proper use and help direct you to agencies that may help with the cost of installation and maintenance. They are there for YOU and are dedicated to helping you along the way.

When you decide you’re ready to explore the options of accessible equipment or purchase a van, consult with your nearest NMEDA Dealer and they will help you get started.

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