Home Care Services: What to Know

There really is no place like home. And that even goes for medical services — your own living room is probably a lot more comfortable and accommodating than a hospital or doctor’s office. That’s where at-home health care comes into play.

Individuals of many ages and with a variety of medical needs are recognizing the benefits home health care has to offer. If you’re looking into this solution for yourself or your loved one, we’ll cover what you need to know.

What Are Home Care Services?

Home care involves a collection of health care services that don’t require the patient to go to a health care provider. Instead, a nurse or other health care professional comes to the patient’s home. Medical procedures like vaccinations, wound care, physical therapy, occupational therapy, mental counseling, and more make up home health care.

Governmental organizations like Medicare, nongovernmental organizations, and private agencies are all entities that provide home health care. It’s often more convenient than receiving care from a traditional facility and just as effective.

Who Are Home Care Services for?

Some patients use at-home services because they have trouble leaving the house, others for hospice treatment, and still others simply because it is a more convenient solution than visiting a doctor’s office. More specifically, these services are a great fit for the following:

  • Individuals who have just returned home from a surgical procedure or extended hospital stay
  • Persons with physical or mental disabilities who may have trouble leaving their home
  • Older patients who may have medical concerns but are still able to live in their own home
  • Individuals receiving hospice care

Home care services certainly aren’t limited to patients meeting these criteria. As long as an individual doesn’t need a procedure where they’re required to be in a traditional medical facility, he or she can hire a home care professional to perform the service.

Editor’s Note: This article was submitted by Greg Kelley.  Greg is a Home Care Consultant with Phoenix Home Care and may be reached at (970)270-1541 or by email at GKelley@PhoenixHomeHC.com with any questions regarding Home Health.