Integrated Medical Services: A New Trend in Modern Medicine

It has always been my belief that in order to fully take care of a patient, a comprehensive plan and resources need to be in place.

While there are many aspects of good patient care, access to services is vitally important along with those resources communicating with each other to coordinate that care. Having medical services, such as a pharmacy, a medical clinic, and a home health and hospice working jointly together provides a higher level of care rather than have a patient go to several different locations that are unconnected. Amphex Medical has seen this trend coming and has taken steps to provide this level of care. For example, the services of, Adult Care Clinic, specializing in pain and addiction management. Amphex Pharmacy, a locally owned and operated compounding pharmacy with home delivery, and Creekside Home Health and Hospice provide an exceptional level of service. Having this integration, not only, allows the patient to benefit by having these resources at their disposal, but also allows for a better understanding of the patients’ medical needs and to respond appropriately to changes in their condition. A fully integrated staff of medical doctors, nurses and pharmacists review patients needs weekly, and care is tailored to provide safe and effective therapy. Many patients unfortunately fall through the cracks, or care is below average resulting in increased hospital visits, which causes undue stress on patients and family members. Having this integrated level of care allows us to set up goals to reduce hospital admissions and help family members become less burdened knowing that several areas of services can work closely together to best manage care. Integrated care also allows for a more holistic approach to getting better. Not only managing the symptoms but finding the root cause of problems and working together to fix, heal and prevent them from happening or getting worse. An increased quality of life for our patients and their families is a goal we all strive for. We do not rest until we feel as caregivers have made a significant contribution to family wellness and health.

Editor’s Note: This article was submitted by Rajiv R. Sharma, Pharm.D., a Clinical Pharmacist owner/CEO of Amphex Pharmacy and Amphex Medical, he may be reached at his Creekside Home Health and Hospice office at 801-810-2122  or by email at