Peace of Mind While Family is Away

Serenity at Home Companion Care has a number of years’ experience in the field of affordable healthcare.

What sets us apart is our commitment to introducing clients and caregivers before we finalize one’s care plan. We have found that competitors send a hired companion to one’s home without prior knowledge of their comfortability with each other. At Serenity we have found that this process limits families’ options when making this critical decision – that they may feel stuck with whatever caregiver is available on that particular day/time.
At Serenity we empower our clients to choose their caregiver after an extensive interview process. By doing this we are often referred to as the Matchmakers of the Companion Care Industry. This unique concept allows us to experience less turn over with our caregivers creating better customer satisfaction. If/when we experience a caregiver needing to be moved or a client requesting a new caregiver, the process starts over and we assist our customers in seeking a new match.
At Serenity we are committed to focusing on the 4C’s: Custom Care (No Minimum Hours), Consistent Care (Same Caregivers), Compassionate Care (Care on your terms), and finally Care (Only the Care you require). Companion Care Rates Starting as low as $15/hr.