How Do I Choose A Homecare Company?

Non-medical homecare can be difficult – asking a stranger to come into your home and provide care for your loved one. It’s even more difficult finding the right agency that you feel you can trust to provide the best care and offer you peace of mind.

There are many benefits of using homecare:

  • Keeping your loved one in the comfort of their own home
  • Homecare is personalized to the individual’s needs and allows you to be in control
  • It is safe and reduces the burden for families Use this partial list of questions to interview homecare agencies:

Important Starting Questions:

  • Is your agency licensed by the state (ask to see the license)?
  • Is your agency and caregivers bonded and insured? Do you have workers’ compensation insurance?
  • May I have a copy of the results from your most recent state survey? About the Staff:
  • Are the caregivers’ employees of the company or independent contractors?
  • Do you run criminal background checks on employees?
  • Is a Department of Transportation check done to verify driving record?
  • Do you check references?
  • Do you do drug screenings?
  • Do you require caregiving experience? How many years?
  • Do you provide ongoing training?

About the Services:

  • What specific services does the agency provide?
  • What type of service agreement is required?
  • Do you have guidelines or standards of conduct for the caregivers?
  • Will we be able to meet the caregiver before they start working?
  • Is a supervisor available 24/7 if there is an emergency?
  • How often will you review the plan of care? The Details:
  • Do you have consistent assignments, or will the caregivers change on a regular basis?
  • What happens if my caregiver is sick or there is inclement weather?
  • Can the caregiver provide transportation to appointments or social outings? Is there a charge for mileage?
  • How do I communicate with my caregivers?
  • Do you have current or former clients that I can call for references?

Whether you need specialized care, personal care, meal preparation or friendly companions, homecare keeps your loved one in their home surrounded by family.

Editor’s Note: This article was contributed by Eric Sepesy. Eric is the President and Founder of Quality Living Home Care and may be reached at 724-810-1884 or by email at